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Gum paste is a dough that rolls out very smooth - just like fondant, however gum paste is much denser and more elastic as it may be rolled super thin and formed into sugar flowers and other decorative pieces that will eventually dry hard and so as to maintain their structure and shape. Gum paste is generally not consumed but more the finished pieces are put aside and treasured as keepsakes. Gum Paste is suggested to be be used for decorative pieces only.

While our Gum Paste contains Egg Whites, we are happy to say it is Allergen-Free, Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Nut Free. To create vegan gum paste simply add Tylose or CMC (cellulose gum or gum tragacanth) to any of our Satin Ice fondants. Satin Ice is a premium quality ready-to-use gum paste. Mold into life-like flowers & leaves, elegant ruffles, character figures, & more.

Read as Artist of Excellence, Elisa Strauss covers the uses of gum paste and explores when to choose gum paste or fondant.

Satin Ice 10011 White Vanilla Fondant, 5 Lbs.

SKU: 10011
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