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Proffesional Diploma

PME Cake Decorating Course has been designed specifically for those anticipating selling cakes to family and friends or as a commercial business. The courses cover basic and advanced cake decorating techniques and creative styling and cover the basic business aspects of cake decoration. They are, however, suitable for anyone who wishes to expand their cake decorating skills and knowledge.

The PME Professional Diploma Courses have been developed by Knightsbridge PME of the United Kingdom, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of top-quality cake decorating equipment for professionals and hobbyists alike. The PME Professional Diploma Courses are conducted only by authorized PME retailers whose instructors have been trained and approved by Knightsbridge PME. Classes are taught by PME-approved instructor Chef Nancy Pinzon.
The course program taught at America Cake Supplies consists of three modules: Sugar Flowers, Rolled Fondant, Royal Icing & Piping, and we are incorporating additional techniques and flowers. Each of the three mandatory modules requires a minimum of 25 hours of instruction.

Students who complete the course and have demonstrated competency in the subject are eligible to receive a PME Professional Diploma Certificate for each module; and will additionally receive the PME Masters Certificate.

America Cake Decorating Supplies in NOW! a Certified store by the PME line from England, with Chef Nancy Pinzon, and for this New Year Class we want to give you one extra Baking Class and know!

This course is suitable for beginners when the course is taken over a period of weeks.  It is not suitable for beginners where the course is run as an intensive course.

We are the only certified in Florida to teach the PME Proffesional Diploma.

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