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A dark chocolate ganache made with pure Belgian Chocolate used to enrobe cakes, pastries or as rich chocolate filling for cakes and truffles.

Real, premium Belgian chocolate
Enhance the taste of end products
Versatile. Use as a spread or for filling pastries and cakes
Belcolade is a premium dark chocolate ganache can be used to enrobe cakes, coat donuts and other pastry items or can be used as a filling for layer cakes. Ready to use.

For enrobing: Melt in double boiler, keeping temperature between 115°F-120°F.

For use as a Filling: Best used at 75°F-80°F, mix on medium speed for 5 minutes

For truffles: Best used at 75°F-80°F, scoop ganache from Pail using #100 scoop; roll in powdered sugar, cocoa or dip in chocolate. Add a flavor if desired.

Kosher dairy.

Customer advantages
Versatile chocolate for filling or enrobing
Superior tasting chocolate

Puratos 4107194 Belcolade NH Garnache 1 Lb.

SKU: 4107194-1
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