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Quantity: 1 piece.
- Colour: Black.
- With Ma Baker and Chef's edible ink pens you can write and draw on any solid surface of desserts and food, obtaining brighter and more attractive colors. You can use them on toppings such as Royal icing, fondant and white chocolate or desserts such as marzipan, marshmallow, donuts, gum paste, milk jelly, decorated cookies, cakes, wafers, and other foods such as breads, hard-boiled eggs, fruits, vegetables, etc. or rice paper.

- The edible ink pens are ideal for drawing, they are the perfect tool to stimulate your creativity and imagination.

- The double tip is very versatile because it allows you to draw fine and thin lines or thick lines depending on the angle at which you hold the chosen side of the marker. To clean the tips use a paper towel.

Ma Baker and Chef PLU009-002 Writing Tip Food Black Color Marker.

SKU: PLU009-002
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